Lasius niger Information

The Lasius niger is the most recommended beginner species. They are very hardy and mistakes can be forgiven. They are referred to as "The Black Garden Ant" which is found throughout the whole of Europe. The colony size is up to 40,000 workers with queens living up to 30 years and also farm aphids for honeydew. Large colonies are very agressive and dominant. A must have for every proffessional ant keeper, enthusiast and beginners alike

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Species: Lasius niger

Origin: Europe

Queen: 9mm

Workers: 3-5mm

Food: Sugar-water, fruits, seeds and insects such as flies and crickets

Arena air moisture: 30-50%

Nestpart air moisture: 50-60%

Arena temperature: 18-28°C

Nestpart temperature: 21-24°C

Hibernation: from late October to late March 5-8°C

Nest-building: Build their nests in soil, understones

Formicariums: ytong, plaster, acrylic or natural vivarium

Formicarium size: S - M