Signum Nest

The Signum nest is an inteligently designed, compact hand-made, glass formicarium specifically made to cater for small to medium sized colonies. Each nest can be made in a variety of colour schemes designed specifically for your needs making them very unique. It comprises of escape proof, stainless steel mesh vents designed to circulate airflow to inhibit mould growth, stagnant air and condensation. The mesh vents are particularly designed to prevent the smallest of ants from escaping. Signum nests have PTFE barriers applied around the top lip of the formicarium which enables you to perform maintenance tasks without the risk of ants escaping. The lid also comes with a handy 40mm diamater access hole specificlly designed for feeding your ants without removal of the lid.

You can heat your nest in a multitude of ways from heating cables, mats or lamps. There is also a purpose made slot which continues through the width of the nest to enable heating cables to provide warmth in the nest chambers where required. The nest has two test tubes slots to enable you to efficiently attach a new colony with simplicity. Additionally, the test tubes can operate as a convenient way to supply your ants with fresh water and boost humidity. Another advantage of the Signum nest is that the glass panels can be easily removed to enable access to clean the chambers.

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Costs ONLY £100

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200mm Length x 130mm Height x 110mm Wide
Magnetic glass
Rock and wood decoration (many different colours)
Can heat inside the nest
Washable escape proof PTFE lid´s
Replaceable parts
Custom built