Solenopsis geminata Information

Solenopsis geminata is not for the beginner but are a great species for enthusiast looking for a challenge. They are referred to as "The Red Tropical Fire Ant" which is found worldwide in warm tropical regions. The queen and workers are coloured beatifully red. This robust species will mulitply very rapidly therefore good outbreak protection is vital. Please note they are very aggressive, sting and form large forraging trails. Minor workers are small but the majors are quite large.

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Species: Solenopsis geminata

Origin: South America

Queen: 8-10mm

Workers: 2-7mm

Food: Sugar-water, fruits, seeds and insects such as flies and crickets

Arena air moisture: 30-50%

Nestpart air moisture: 50-70%

Arena temperature: 21-30°C

Nestpart temperature: 24-28°C

Hibernation: No

Nest-building: Build their nests in soil, creates visible mounds

Formicariums: Acrylic, natural vivarium or glass nest

Formicarium size: M - XL Extreme growth, nest size has to be adapted